"Read This Read That" is an educational website that reviews books that will help you to change your life. The website was founded by Kerry Fisher as a place where she could share her love of books. As a lifelong avid reader, Kerry has read countless books that have quite literally changed her life. And she wanted to share what she has learned from these books with you.

The mission of Read This Read That is to highlight books that enlighten, illuminate and educate. 

Kerry Fisher


Kerry is an avid reader, a wellness educator, a yoga teacher and a mom of five beautiful children. Kerry is a lifelong student who is always seeking out the best new books on a wide range of topics pertaining to her career including books on peak performance, mental training, yoga, wellness, anatomy, meditation and exercise. She also reads for pleasure, consuming everything from bestsellers to autobiographies to self help books. Kerry reads nonstop, dedicating her every spare moment to reading. She believes that books are the gateway to living the best life you can live and wants to share all that she has learned with you.

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