As professionals, mothers, wives, yoga teachers, daughters, and students of life, Celia and Kerry founded The Yoga Teachers as a way to share all that they have learned with others who find themselves in the seemingly never ending cycle of  balancing work, family, and personal time.  By implementing small changes in your life - changes that are different for every person - you will begin to realize that big change truly is possible and, more importantly, sustainable.

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Celia Gordon

Celia, a trial attorney for 20 years, was a partner at a criminal defense firm in Manhattan until May 2015.  As a full-time practicing lawyer, wife, and mother to three children, she began to find herself constantly juggling her many responsibilities in an effort to be successful in each of her roles.  While she regularly practiced yoga as a way to relax and decompress from the daily grind, it was in 2012, when she took her first trip to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts that she realized what a tremendous impact consciously carving out time for self observation could have on every facet of her life.  Through an enhanced self awareness, she began implementing small changes in her everyday experiences and eventually knew it was time to  explore yoga and meditation on a much deeper level.  In 2013, Celia completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and two years later went on to receive her 500 hour yoga teaching certification from Kripalu's School of Yoga.  

Those who know Celia describe her as someone who has an insatiable desire to learn and to share with others.  As a yoga teacher, she has prided herself on always being a student first, as there is no end to the amount of lessons life has to teach.  In that vein, the more that Celia began living yoga as a lifestyle, the more she recognized the imbalances in various aspects of her life and the importance and impact of making small shifts.  In 2015, Celia made what felt to her like a monumental decision to leave the practice of law. While her law career was something in which she took great pride, achieved tremendous success, and fully enjoyed, the time had come to move forward.

Since leaving her law firm, Celia has continued down the path of learning at an uninterrupted pace.  In December 2017 she received an additional 500 hour yoga teaching certification, this time as a a 500 hour Kripalu Ayurveda Yoga Teacher.  Ayurveda, literally translated to mean "the science of life," is a 5000 year old traditional system of medicine originating from the same ancient teachings as yoga. As in yoga, Ayurveda focuses on the development of the soul and, as a means to that end, the proper care of the body, the senses, and the mind. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the body, mind, senses and spirit must exist in harmony for us to be truly healthy and happy. Therefore, the proper care of these four components of life must be considered, managed, and nourished throughout life and in every aspect of life, whether you are at home, at work or elsewhere.  

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Kerry Fisher

Kerry was raising a family and working as an attorney when she began a daily yoga practice. She immediately noticed that yoga was the perfect antidote to her hectic lifestyle. Initially interested in yoga as a physical practice that made her feel good in her body, Kerry soon realized yoga was a lot more than that. She decided to take a teacher training and immediately began teaching. Kerry eventually left her law career and currently teaches yoga full time. 

An avid student, Kerry has completed yoga and movement trainings across a variety of disciplines including vinyasa yoga, yoga for athletes, anatomy and physiology, thai yoga massage, yoga sequencing, yoga adjustment, restorative yoga and chair yoga and is a 500 hour RYT. Kerry continues to train in anatomy, peak performance and breathwork. 

Kerry loves having fun and brings her playful spirit to her yoga classes. She enjoys inspiring and encouraging her students to live to their fullest potential, to live the life of their dreams. Kerry believes that the most important thing in life is to find real happiness and that happiness can only be found within. When not at the yoga studio, you can usually find Kerry somewhere outdoors with her five children in tow.