What Does "Yoga" Really Mean?

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The “Yoga” Teachers

People have commented that we call ourselves The Yoga Teachers yet most of our posts seem to have nothing to do with yoga. Our posts relate to all aspects of life with an emphasis on our philosophy that “big change starts small.” The common misconception is that the word “yoga” refers only to a physical practice comprised of various poses, when, in fact, yoga means so much more.

Here’s the history of yoga in a nutshell....you see, thousands of years ago, spiritual seekers in India would go into caves and meditate for hours in their quest for enlightenment. They found that after a very short time, they would feel uncomfortable and this would interfere with their meditation. Over time, they realized that movement prior to meditation helped them to sit for longer periods.

Fast forward to a mere 100 years ago when yoga first came to America. The practice that became popular here was the physical practice of yoga - movement. Eventually, it expanded into the poses that we recognize today, in Sanskrit referred to as “asana.” But here’s the catch...the rest of the practice - the philosophy, the meditation, the idea that yoga is a practice that helps you improve your life - that stuff got left behind.  We kept the physical and dropped the rest.

Our hope is that we can change that by introducing everyone who will listen to the complete practice of yoga, the idea that yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a practice that helps you to become a better person. Yoga in its purest form means living life purposefully, being self-reflective, nourishing & nurturing oneself in order to be the best version of ourselves so that we may positively influence others. Just imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we were all living that way.

Check back every week as we journey deep into the world of yoga. We want to share our journey with you...

Celia Gordon