The Yoga Teachers


Many of us wear many hats during the course of our day - spouse, parent, boss, employee, co-worker, friend, etc.  Juggling these many roles can be extremely challenging and often lead to a feeling of imbalance in our lives.  In attempting to bring ourselves to equilibrium, it is easy to set ourselves up for failure by trying to make too many changes at once (ie. eat healthier, go to bed earlier, exercise more, be more patient, clean my house, organize my office, etc.).  Recognizing this pattern in our own lives, we have learned that by introducing just one or two small lifestyle changes at a time, we can begin to slowly and steadily move toward a happier, more balanced life.  So - check back frequently as we offer you simple little lifestyle tips.  Start with one or two and gradually add another as these healthy changes become your new habits.  Remember, big change starts small!


Every month we introduce a new challenge to inspire one another to be our best self.  We hope you'll take part in these challenges and we love to hear about your experiences, so be sure to leave your comments under the challenge on our Facebook or Instagram pages!